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Thursday, February 10, 2005


I Heart You

This is for everyone out there who didn't love my post concerning
Valentine's Day. Did I sound bitter? Was I raining on other people's parades?
Did I sound like a 3rd grader with no valentines in my cubby?

I'll have you know, in 3rd grade, I not only got valentines from my 2 best
girlie friends...but I also got a very special, hearts & flowers valentine
from my secret heart's desire. Joey M. gave me a big smacker of a card.
Inside he wrote that he loved me (the 'o' in love was shaped like a heart
& that got to my 3rd grader heart). He wrote that I was his 'true love'.
My little girl self was all a twitter. I found out later that he wrote the exact
same words to Sandy (my arch nemesis). He knew that Sandy & I had it in
for each other (in the was only little girls can)...so I guess he figured
we'd never find out. Well, buddy, we did & it wasn't pretty.

Thinking back on it now, maybe this did color my view of this holiday
in some small way. Maybe it helped form the cynical, slightly bitchy side
of myself. Maybe I should just SUCK IT UP & get into the fucking spirit
of this joyous holiday. 3rd grade was a long time ago & I haven't thought
of Joey M. or his 2 timing heart in a very long time. I've had some kick ass
Valentine's Days between now & then (really, I have...)

So, enjoy your Valentine's Day any way you see fit. Me? I think I might
give a little & hope for a little in return...& I mean that in the most positive,
UNcynical kind of way.

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