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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Shameless Flirting...Good for The Soul

I feel the need to dedicate a post to....shameless flirting.
Because it’s the shit & it’s totally not what Slutfuck is doing.
Shameless flirting is done...shamelessly...that means...no guilt & no...hiding.
Shameless flirting would be done right out there, in front of my face,
that way I could clearly see her intentions & either have fun with them....
or rip her a new one...the choice should be mine to make, in my opinion.

Pink (for some reason...the Blogger bitch won't let me link to you...
I'll try again later...& fuck you Blogger!) reminded me that,
”Shameless flirting is good for the soul,” & Cate (Blogger!!! fuck, I can't
link to you either!) thinks I’d ruin her fun if I wasn’t a fan
(of shameless flirting). Well, I am...oh yeah, I’m a fan alright.

Reminds me of the time I went to a Halloween party with The Big Goof
(Dick calls him that, anyway). He’s an old boyfriend who had the habit
of taking me places...then wandering off (usually leaving me in the midst
of strangers...yay). That’s not a smart thing to do to a Chick.
Alcohol + shyness + strangers= deadly combo for this Chick.

On this particular occasion, we were dressed as...wait...I’m laughing...
he was dressed as Robin (as in Batman & Robin...tights & all...
can you stand it?) & I was dressed as a bunny. A cutesy bunny,
not a playmate. I actually wore (out in public) blue...feetie pajamas...
with a trap door on the ass.

We get to this shindig & BG promptly leaves his bunny standing there
in her big ears & cotton tail. Lucky for me, BG had an awesomely cute brother
who came to my rescue. He was dressed as a cowboy & on that day,
Chick in a bunny suit + cute cowboy brother = major shameless flirting.

Details to come tomorrow...

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