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Monday, October 24, 2005



So, I thought it would be nice to plan NOTHING for this weekend. I was looking forward to sinking into a little bit of peace & quiet.

It just didn't seem to work out that way. While I was sitting at work on Friday, I got a call from Hubby saying that Mr. X from the job interview (I told you about it here) had called & left a message saying that he wanted Hubby to come in on Tuesday for a THIRD interview & tour...plus...he'd like to take us both out to dinner on Saturday night.

Huh? What? I'm now involved? Hmm...yeah...I thought that was a positive sign...but I was still not expecting that. We ended up going to dinner with Mr. & Mrs. X & having a nice time. We chatted about the work that the company does & the friggin enthusiasm he'd bring to the job (if he finally got hired there...already!). Turns out there would be some travel involved. Hubby doesn't have the travel gene like I do...but I practically shouted..."HE LOVES TO TRAVEL"...when the prospect of going to Paris on business came up. So I lied...so what.

It all went well...as we were leaving the restaurant...Mrs. X said that it was nice to meet us & that she hopes to see us again sometime...what the hell?...shit...this was torture...plain & simple...HIRE THE GUY ALREADY...what the fuck? I blurted a "thank you" & I hope we can get together again sometime soon too.

Think it helped that throughout dinner I stared the man down & sent him HIRE HUBBY thoughts with intense passion & all the powers of mental telepathy that I could muster? Think it helped at all?

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