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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop

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OK...remember that job that Hubby didn't get? Turns out there
was a change of heart at HugeMegaColossalPlanetaryGiantCompany. Mr. X.
called saying something about the other guy (it was between Hubby &
some other shlub) being arrogant & that he'd probably not be a good
fit...or some such crap. Again...what the...?! I'm not going to
speculate on the whys of it all...I'm not.

Anyway, Hubby starts right after Thanksgiving. Blammo...jump right in!
This is the first company that he's worked for that actually has a
mission statement...something about...common values, saving the
environment, teamwork & being very, very kind to small kitties. This
should be a fun adventure or a journey into hell...I'm reserving
judgement...for now.

(No...Hubby looks nothing like the dweeb in the picture...& I'm
thanking my lucky stars that he does not have a slick, sickly looking
slug-mustache on his upper lip...that would cause just a little bit of
gagging from me).

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