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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Have you ever seen a movie that stays with you? Sure, right? I watched 'Little Miss Sunshine' the other night. I liked it's slow, subtle (figure it out for yourself) pace right from the start. I watched it & thought that it was a good movie. Sitting here...days later...I now think it's a great movie. It got somehow better while being remembered & turned around this way & that way in my head. that doesn't happen to me often. I appreciate it more now on looking back at it.

First of all...I love Steve Carell. Anyone who does not watch The Office is simply missing out. He would have stolen this movie...had it not been for the impressive performances by all of the other actors. His face conveyed such defeated sadness without milking it for all it was worth...he acted the way I wish Will Farrell would (& could...I'm sure of it...I love him...but has he ever been in anything that wasn't a piece of crap? OK, Elf was watchable...scene by scene, the part where he's sitting in James Caan's office on a tiny chair drinking coffee was worth watching the whole movie for alone)...but Will usually beats a joke to death & that ruins it for me (has anyone seen him in 'Stranger Than Fiction? I have high hopes for him in that).

Secondly, Paul Dano as the silently troubled brother who hates EVERYONE is perfect. Again, no overplaying it here. I guess I'll stop mentioning all the actors in this movie...because really...this review is too long as it is...but wait...if I don't mention Abigail Breslin...who plays the little girl...Olive, so well. One reviewer said that she plays the role as well as Dakota Fanning...only Dakota Fanning usually plays an eery adult in a child's body & Olive was played here as a child who's got just the right mix of optimism & wonder...it's like you could see the wheels turning in her head (just like...at the best moments...you can see the exact same things going on in real life with the kids in your life).

I didn't instantly get drawn into this movie...it takes a little while to sink into it...as you're watching it. It's a little movie...but the character development kept me watching. It's also pretty to look at. Each scene is thoughtfully shot. While on the road you see big glimpses of cloads & sky against the family's yellow VW bus...there was some care put into this...I know...I'm sounding like a geek here...but so what.

I won't even get into the plot here...(I hate reviews where they give away too much...just see it for yourself, if you haven't already & tell me what you think).

This is a feel good movie but in the strangest sense.

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