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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Don't Try This at Home

I've been having a klutzy couple of days lately...but I'll break it down into a few posts so as not to completely scare you away.

The other day I happily dragged my-fatter-than-last-year ass down to the gym.

I worked out on many frightening ass torture machines & was getting ready for a post work out victory shower when several things conspired against me:

1. I was running late (a staple in my world)...it's seriously like I do not know how to function if I'm actually beginning to run early.

2. I was physically exhausted & my legs were tired from holding up my over worked butt.

3. My gym bag has an extra long strap.

4. Being naked in public has a strange (although not altogether unpleasant) effect on my composure & well being.

I stood there, wrapped in a towel, my girlie shower things in my hands & took one step forward.

My back leg got tangled in my gym bag's straps & decided to stay anchored where it was...while my front leg happily continued on.

In response to all this...my body decided that rather than take sides...it would go neither forward or backward...but thrust itself straight down with a thud.

I was so glad that the locker room was completely empty.

If you had been there all you would have seen through your veil of hysterical tears was a blur of arms, legs, green towel, pasty white skin & pink nipples all headed for the carpet with a splat.

...P.S. I think I hurt my spleen.


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