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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


As I was flipping the channels a few nights ago I ran across the Lifetime show, "How to Look Good Naked". It's hosted by Carson Kressley, who my sister spotted iceskating in Bryant Park this winter & proceeded to gush over & partially molest to the best of her ability. He was extremely nice about it...so I watched the show.

Turns out the one I watched dealt with a 5' tall girl who thought her thighs were too fat & her height was too ridiculous. OK, so we had a few (2) things in common.

The show was both optimistic & honest. He taught her to walk in very tall heels (a skill I'm working on) & gave her some more tips:

Dressing in all one color will give a shorty an illusion of height by making the eye move from top to bottom without any interruptions.

Buy a couple of bras with seams, they support better.

Keeping the jacket somewhat short helps make your legs appear longer.

So, there you have it...cool show...but I'm not completely sure I'll have the patience to watch many more episodes. For the guys, would you watch it for the chicks in sexy underwear? It has that going for it (very nice underwear too).


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