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Monday, February 25, 2008


There's Always Room for Jello

I wasn't having a good time on Friday. I found myself snow bound & Mac less. There was no working from home action going on & I was sorta-kinda pissed. One trip to the Apple Store later (just got back) & a MASTER REBOOT & I'm all a twitter.

I couldn't concentrate on anything. It was cold, snowy, I needed to do laundry & I was having strange fantasies about warehouses & planes flying closely overhead.

I blame my lack of concentration on the following:

1) The fact that Hershey stock went down (I told you...I'm chocolate obsessed, didn't I?).
2) Being preoccupied with technology that makes me drool (no, not THAT).
3) Lace boxers (would you wear them? Even if they didn't itch?).
4) Having access to red wine before noon.
5) Avocados with lime juice...ok, guacamole.


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