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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The House of Tudor

I just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl. What a descriptively creative story. It's told from the point of view of Mary Boleyn, sister of the infamous Anne Boleyn, the second wife to King Henry the VIII, who untimely lost her head. Mary is married off at 15...then, chosen to be the King's mistress. What fun...& I left out the part about the gay brother & the witch & the prostitutes.

The next day I received The Tudors from Netflix. Seems I'm obsessed with Henry VIII & this whole time in history. Has anyone else seen this ShowTime series? Holy crap is Jonathan Rhys Meyers lovely? He's got lips to die for...plus, he's deliciously Irish in real life. I sort of miss his Irish accent in this as he tries to sound English.

I love the clothes from this time period...although...I'm sure if I had to wear them I'd be so uncomfortable. All that tightening & pushing up...gotta love a good heaving bosom though...no?

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