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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I Miss Manny Already

Am I upset that Theo traded Manny?


I may be the only Manny fan left on the East Coast...but I do not care.

Do I care that during last night's awful showing against the angels...

that Manny held up a sign saying...

"Trade me for Favre"


I seriously hate that Scott Boras is ruining baseball.

I care that Manny will no longer smile while hitting another homer in a Redsox uniform.

I care that such a unique character will leave a hole in my beloved team.

I care that opposing teams will now pitch around Big Papi more than ever before.

I care that left field will never again be the same at Fenway.

I loved to watch Manny play.

He loves the game.

He loves it when he's hitting well.

He loved it just the same when he's not.

NL pitching...you are screwed.

It will be interesting though to see Torre try to manage Manny.


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