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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


One of Those Days...

(yeah, that's what I looked like.)

I wasn't having the best time of it anyway...

THEN, when I was walking back from picking up a quick lunch...

I tripped on the line where the carpet meets the tile floor.

I went straight down like a cartoon character fainting.

Only forward.

Straight down.

My body didn't bend at all.

My left hand smacked the floor in a stupid effort to have me.

My veggie burger flew out of my right hand & skidded on the floor.

Ketchup spewed out in front of me.

As I hit the floor I heard a small noise.

I remember thinking that it sounded oddly

like the sound my Barbies used to make as my little brother was snapping off their heads.

Strange what goes through your mind sometimes.

(also, odd that he had such a fascination with making all my dolls disabled).

I realized that the sound actually was my ribs on my idiotic left side hitting the tile.

I really did think that my boobs would cushion me better than that.

& yeah, they currently hurt like hell too now.

A very nice guy picked me up by my good hand.

I thanked him for not laughing.

He told me I looked shaken up & sat me in a chair in the lobby.

I'd probably laugh if I saw someone else take an ungraceful tumble like that.

But he didn't & I sat there & tried with all my stupid might not to cry.

Sitting hurt...so I left work early & went to one of those emergency medicine places.

Turns out I cracked a rib & sprained my wrist.

I'm taking my bow now & giving myself the thumbs up sign for putting on such a good show.


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