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Friday, October 03, 2008



Went out tonight with my chicky from work.

She was meeting a guy for the 1st time.

We had drinks & appetizers together 1st.

He met us at the bar later.

He appeared by our barstools out of nowhere with a drink in his hands

My friend was chatting up the stranger next the her at the time.

I shook his hand & said that his date would be with him in a moment.

I felt oddly useful for a sec.

She turned around after getting the stranger at the bar's business card.

She said hello to her date as I whispered in her ear that she was a slut.

She laughed & I think her date thought she was laughing at him.

Great fun for me...I thought.

I ushered the 2 newly dating (at least for the night) people on their way to dinner

Then continued to sit at the bar & talk my friend up to the stranger at the bar.

I think I went above & beyond in the friend category today without question.

After my work there was done

I walked to the scary parking garage alone trying not to think that this

was where some very bad things happen to people in movies

Why, always in parking garages?

Really, why?

But I made it out alive to tell you this riveting tale of friendship & sluttiness.

I'll drink to that.


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