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Monday, October 20, 2008


Did you have a nice weekend?

(I couldn't wait to eat my leftovers).

On Saturday I met a friend for lunch.

We went to

if you've never heard of it

check it out...it's got a great menu.

(The Northern style spareribs will either put hair on your chest...
or take it off...depending on your inclination.)

We sat at the bar & the bartender made us something tasty.

I had some drink involving plum wine.

It went straight to my soul & brightened my day.

We shared a huge bowl of soup & some dumplings.

This friend is the sort of person that is so easy to be with

you know the kind?

We sat at the bar with our knees touching & we both almost didn't notice.

Some people are all over their personal space...

...as in...don't even think of invading it.

Gotta say, I am sometimes like that.

(depends who you're with...totally)

but not with my girlie on Saturday.

She's the type of person

who'll grab you by the hand to lead you where she wants you to go

or stand next to you in line & lean her arm into yours.

I'm the sort who'll touch you on the arm (or penis...if you have one)

to help make my point.

Some people don't take kindly to touching of any kind.

What do you think their problem is anyway?

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