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Friday, November 07, 2008


Taken with my cell phone on the bumpy train.

This mom was on her way to take her kids to the Sports Museum of America..

They were very excited...couldn't sit in their seats for anything.

I haven't checked this place out yet.

It's a new museum that just opened this May.

"Our mission is to richly showcase the history, grandeur and significance of sports in American culture & to remind us all why sports has spawned a worldwide community of avid fans & admirers."

You can molest the Heisman Trophy here.

(not my photo...but you can clearly see this father-son team is hell bent on molesting old Heisman there).

Want to hear me bitch about the price of admission?

Um...16 bucks a pop?!


(Geez...go or don't go...just put a sox in the complaining already!

OK...damn...leave me alone.)

I'm done & maybe I'll go sometime when I have a chance & money to burn.

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