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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"Top 25 Most Played Songs"

Disclaimer...got this wonderful idea off of someone's blog awhile ago...so, I should really give credit where credit is due...what? I said I SHOULD...doesn't mean I will...here's what they wrote:

"The best thing about the iPod playlist "Top 25 Most Played" is that you can't hide who you are when you look at it. All is revealed. You may wish you were the kind of person who listened to Igor Stravinsky enough that he would show up on your Top 25 Most Played - but unless you are, organically, the kind of person who listens to Stravinsky on a daily basis - he will not be in your Top 25 Most Played. If you want your music to give off some kind of specific impression meant to impress others - if you want someone to think you're cool, or eclectic, or deep, or if you scoff at music made by 'the man' - if any of these things are an issue for you, then don't let anyone look at your Top 25 Most Played. Just keep it under wraps. If you're not comfortable with people knowing that you listen to "Day Dream Believah" so often that it makes it into your Top 25, then I suggest just not mentioning it. The Top 25 Most Played playlist never lies. It shows you to yourself. It can surprise you."

Here is my Top 25 Most Played list:

(click to make it larger if it would tickle you to see the songs on my list)

I'd love to hear about yours...mind you...these aren't necessarily your highest rated songs...just for some reason(s) (there are MANY) or another...you always find yourself coming back to these songs over & over & over.

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