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Monday, December 08, 2008


OK...so I'd sort of been laying low here for a few days...

but I saw my friend again on the train.

& I just had to camera phone him in.

Today seemed to be a red inspired day.

I made sure I was on his train & if I'd have had more time I'd have followed him to see where the hell he possibly goes in the city.

I turned my iPod off to hear his loud conversation with his friend:

(Oddly enough, he did most of the listening)

Pimp looking guy: They're coming down on O.J. today

Pimp's loud friend: Shit, he shoulda known he wasn't in L.A. anymore.

Pimp looking guy: They finally got him for those 2 murders?

Pimp's loud friend: I can not comp-pre-HEND.

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