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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


To Reach the Clouds

I went to a book/DVD signing today.

Philippe Petit always amazed me (see below)

I mean, I got the chills just looking out the windows of the observatory on the 110th floor of the World Trade Center when I went up there as a kid & I was inside.

This man spent 45 minutes walking on a wire between the 2 towers.

How could I not want to meet him, touch his hand, ask him about fear.

(he gave me a very poetic heartfelt answer that I may share with you another time)

Wednesday, August 7, 1974...at the World Trade Center at 7:15 a.m. to be precise...the city was busy going to work when a man appeared to be walking on air, 1,350 feet above the world, between the two towers of the World Trade Center, whose construction was almost about done by then. It was the famous French daredevil Philippe Petit. He, too, had eluded police with three accomplices for three days, posing as construction workers and shuttling up all the equipment they needed to the top of one of the towers. The evening before the stunt they fired a crossbow from the North Tower to eventually build a 131-foot-long cable between the two towers. The next morning Petit spent forty-five minutes walking back and forth, kneeling, hanging by his feet and playing other games while thousands of people stopped in their tracks and a traffic jam developed below. Construction workers cheered. Office workers cheered. Even the police cheered. Petit himself said he was laughing with joy, up there in the breeze. “I was dying of happiness,” he said. Then he turned himself over to police. His explanation, in his heavily accented French? “If I see three oranges, I have to juggle. And if I see two towers, I have to walk.”

After waiting in line to meet him & have him sign my book & DVD...

He was just as gracious as I thought he'd be.

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