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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Want to know WHY I fell off the treadmill?

You might have done the same thing, you know.

Would you laugh?

I would.

First of all…

I used to think that

cardio cinema was the coolest idea.

They play a movie & you workout while watching in the dark.

So, I watched Big yesterday on the treadmill.

When I tried to do the right thing & clean off the machine when I was done

Here’s the part where I hit the switch on the right

Thinking it was the off switch

But it turned out to be the (stay)on switch

Getting off was no problem

When I tried to get back on & clean off the machine

The problem was that the damn thing was still moving

I went down like a rock

My left elbow skidded nicely along the moving treadmill

& I landed on the gym floor with a splat.

It was only then that I was thinking that the darkness might be a good thing after all.


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