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Friday, January 30, 2009


Train Story

I raced to the train just as it was about to leave.

The weight of my day was coming down on me.

No lunch break today...just more deadlines to be met & not enough time to meet them.

The doors of the train snapped shut & then I heard it'

"Praise Jesus"

"I'm Tommy & I'm hungry"

He went into a song & dance about not stealing anymore

About finding the path to righteousness & salvation.

"Got any spare change? Anything will do"

As he came toward me...someone handed him a dollar.

He got to me & I looked away for a sec.

Then he looked right at me & wouldn't look away.

I don't know if I looked kind...or like an easy mark

but because I did nothing for the 2 whole seconds that he looked at me

he felt he had the right to start yelling obscenities my way.

He called me a bitch & a heathen & then moved on to the woman standing next to me.

He called her worse names.

Yeah, that's the way to my generous side.

Now for sure I'd hand over my hard earned cash to this nut.



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