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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Coming home today I was compelled to look up as this extremely skinny girl got on the train.

& I mean she was thin.

She had on a maxi dress that showed off her lack of breasts nicely.

Her dress was wrapped up around her waist & she wore skinny jeans on her stick legs.

She looked about 15 but was probably around 22.

She was tall & very pale (she made me feel tan & that just ain't so).

She had the whole Tilda Swinton look going...

you know...red hair, no eye makeup.

She had dirty fingernails & was clutching a shopping bag from Strawberry tightly in her hands.

Either she was a model (but then why the discount shopping?)

Or she was anorexic...or most probably both.

Anyway, I really wanted to take her home & clean her up & make her eat a sandwich.

But I didn't & now she's in my head & I wonder if I'll see her tomorrow.


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