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Friday, February 05, 2010



If there's such a thing as being too buff...um...this is it.

Apropos of nothing...I had déjà vu (did I get the accents right?) moment at the gym today.

I was on one of those stepper machines.

Not sure what they're really called.

You know, the ones where you pump your legs up & down

& also move your arms back & forward like you're cross country skiing.

It's not a ski machine...yeah, ok...I know...who cares.

I was slogging away with my iPod precariously perched in the little cup holder thing on the machine...

One wrong move of my flailing right arm & blammo the iPod goes flying across the room.

I got my hand tangled in the cord & nearly ripped my eardrum out in the process.

I got off the machine with a look of idiocy on my face.

Um...damn...where did it go? No iPod anywhere.

The guy in back of my on the treadmill motioned to my right & I still couldn't find it.

"No, your other right", he said (what? I was flustered & looking left).

There it was under the machine next to me...under, yeah, like I'd see that.

So, I thanked the eagle eyed guy & collected my things & got out of there.

Happy Friday.

Have a nice weekend.

I would wish you a group hug from the guys pictured above

But I'm afraid they might crush you.


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