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Monday, March 15, 2010


Reason # 368 Why I Am Going to Hell

See that car?

There's a real live nun in there.

I took the photo with my phone

after inadvertently flipping her the bird

because she triggered one of those traffic lights

that only go off if someone is on a side street waiting to turn onto

this particular road.

(her light turned green making mine turn red).

I didn't realize it until the fires of hell

were already on me that she was a nun.

I know if she saw what I did

she'd have pulled me over right away

& hit my knuckles with the same ruler

that Sister Beatrice used to smack

my 7 year old hands when she saw I had actually worn nail polish to school.

I can still feel the burn.

OK, maybe I stand by my actions after all.

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