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Thursday, June 05, 2008


The Longest Run On Sentence Ever Ever Ever

As I was driving home last night in the pouring rain I became obsessed with trying to get my AM radio to work even though it hasn't ever worked since day one but hey you never know if you don't try so try I did because I desperately wanted to catch the 1st couple of innings of the Redsox game even though I checked the weather up there & it had been raining all day there too so maybe there would be no game at all & as I was speeding up the highway going 80 mph a car sidled up to me & the guy in the car gave me the universal sign for...slow down & my gut instinct was to give him the universal sign for eat me...but then I happened to notice that he was a cop & it dawned on me that my gut could have easily just gotten me in a heap of unwanted trouble right then & I just wasn't up for such a thing on a rainy night in June when my beloved Redsox were the game of the night on ESPN & I clearly wanted to get home to watch the hell out of them.

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