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Monday, June 02, 2008


Low Tide

So, I tried to make California rolls yesterday.

I watched a couple of videos online on how to do it.

I watched the guy at the Japanese place create these works of art for weeks.

I bought the mat & the roasted sheets of seaweed & made brilliant medium grain sushi rice.

I spread the rice on the seaweed...see?

I placed the sliced cucumber in the center & then...

rolled it all up & pressed it with the mat.

Then I sliced the roll to make the little rolls.

Only at this point did I discover that I used way to much rice.

These are the fattest, most ricey California rolls ever seen on this planet.

Real American style I guess.

So, I used the remainder of the rice to make killer rice balls.

Oh...& I used the rice when it was hot & when it made contact with the seaweed it started to cook & it smelled like extreme low tide in my kitchen & to me...that is just not appetizing at all.

At least I got the sticky rice right.

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