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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


(a photo of the 2nd best scones I ever had in my life...the best ones were eaten just a few days before this photo was taken...oooooh...were they all so good).


One of my favorite things about Mondays is...

The farmer's market outside the train station.

It's sort of like

emerging from the bowels of the Earth

to find fruits & veggies & all sorts of baked goods

laid out at my feet.

(when I get there it's too dark to get any good photos

believe me...I want to).

Oh...& then there's the Irish scone lady.

I seriously want her to move into my kitchen on a temporary basis

I want her to stay as long as it takes to teach me to bake these glorious things.

"don't overwork the dough"

she says that's the secret to a good scone.


show me...


I need to wake up to fresh scones that someone with a charming accent created just for me.

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