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Saturday, November 01, 2008


I'm going to see if I can post a photo a day in November.

My self imposed rules will be that it has to be

a photo taken by me on the day I'm posting it

every damn day in November...or else.

Anyone out there want to join me?

Here's my 1st one.

Taken at 12:08 PM in the grocery store.

This represents the huge zit I have & my actions in trying to kill it.

In all honesty, I think it's trying to take over the side of my neck.

Ever get one of those honkers that actually hurts it's so truly colossal?

I know it's from the Halloween chocolate my boss brought in to work & forced me to eat.

Yeah, it was worth it...me & the zit might form a friendship if I stop plotting to annihilate it.

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