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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I couldn't stand to be inside at work for one more second last Friday afternoon.

But, damn, it was 7 degrees outside without the wind chill.

I bundled up in ohsostylish long underwear under my jeans & sweater(s)

Topped myself off with a hat, coat, scarf & gloves & was off.

The cold air & wind knocked me over & hit me in the face when I finally made it outside.

It felt good for the first few seconds, then I was numb.

I walked down to the ferry terminal where I knew the plane would be.

I saw the comforting sight of the Coast Guard going up the river.

There were gatherers like me wanting to get a glimpse of the plane in the water.

This was as close as I was able to get.

Odd to see an airplane wing sticking up out of the Hudson River.

Beyond the ferry terminal you can see the crane that they eventually used to remove the plane from the river setting up.

This isn't a great representation of the media that was here...but they were starting broadcast for the nightly news.

All the rescuers involved, the fire dept, police, ferry operators, divers, Coast Guard & people riding on the ferries who helped pull passengers out of the river & gave them their coats deserve thanks.

...kinda put my sucky day into perspective.

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