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Monday, December 21, 2009


Today - A Saga

So, here's what happened.

Got up this morning...got dressed...all the normal stuff...

Blah, blah, blah...

Drive to the train...so far...so good...

Park in the parking garage.

Stick my arm (ok, my entire body) out of the car window

to get my parking receipt.

As the gate goes up & lets me in I discover I have no wallet.

Um...no $$$, no credit cards & no Metrocard for the train.

What?! I tell Alamar (the parking garage guy) my dilemma.

He smiles (& I see inside his head to the place he has reserved for retards & children) & raises the gate so I can leave & not pay for the 5 minutes of parking I accrued in his garage.

Crap, I call my boss & tell him the (boneheaded) deal.

He laughs with me...no...at me.

I have no id card to get into the 7 steps of hell (fancy security) if I even got as far as work anyway.

I have no identity (am I really here?).

Do I laugh or cry as I drive back home hoping I don't get stopped on the way without a license?!

Yeah, pretty much both at the same time.

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